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Remedies, Bugs Be Gone

Lemongrass, Clove

With the citrusy-sweet scent of lemongrass and the spicy, warm scent of clove with a hint of wood, the intensity of these two scent‰۪s combination is good for masking odours.

    Provides effective properties as an insect repellant.

    Lemongrass: This refreshing, spa-like citrusy lemon scent is used extensively as a natural mosquito repellent as it contains citronella that blocks the scents that we emitted. Carbon dioxide and lactic acid that attracts the mosquitoes are now distracted by the smell of lemongrass and thus makes it harder for the mosquito to locate, thus preventing another mosquito bite 

    Clove:As an all natural and non-toxic pest control insecticides, eugenol, an phytochemical found in clove is an excellent insect repellent to household pests such as ants, fleas and cockroaches. The pungent door of cloves is repulsive to these pests. 
  • In a Nebuliser
    Add 30 to 40 drops (1.5 2ml) in a nebuliser.

    In an Oil Burner
    Add 10 drops (0.2ml) to warm water in the bowl of a burner. Light a tealight candle and place in the hearth of the burner. The heat will allow the scent to diffuse and fill the room. If you using an electric burner, you can control the heat by using the dimmer.

    Add 10 drops (0.2ml) to 15 ~ 25ml of a carrier oil. Massage deeply into muscle and pressure points.

    Always store in dark glass bottle (preferably amber) and in a cool and dark place away from heat and sunlight.


    Keep out of reach from children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Please diluted with carrier oil before applying on skin and perform a patch test to observe allergic reactions before use. Not recommended for use with plastic, finished wood, or painted surfaces - remove if in contact.

  • Cymbopogon Citratus (Lemongrass) Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Oil

    Our Promise
    ⨉ no toxins and carcinogens
    ⨉ no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate)
    ⨉ no parabens
    ⨉ no silicones or paraffins
    ⨉ no petrochemicals
    ⨉ no artificial colours
    ⨉ no synthetic fragrances
    ⨉ no animal testing!

  • Country of Origin & Extraction Method: Steam-distilled Lemongrass from Thailand and Clove oil from Indonesia

    Scent Intensity: Strong

    5 years

    Available volumes:10ml, 50ml, 100ml

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    Bea A.

    I love the citrusy-sweet scent of this blend and my kids love it too. It is useful for distressing and improving immune system, not to mention that it helps for repelling mosquitoes too. Perfect scent for home most especially during the weekends.