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HYSSES is finally turning 2 this August 18 and it's time to share this monumental milestone with the people we love!

While it hasn't been an easy journey for a homegrown brand like us to come this far, it is the love and support from our loyal customers that allowed us to continue growing, progressing and achieving to who we are today.

If you have been purchasing with us regularly, you would have known about HYSSES VIP membership program - a loyalty program that we have launched since the beginning to reward our customers for the continuous support for our brand. Like any membership program out there, HYSSES offers member discounts, as well as rebates and birthday exclusives. But, as a HYSSES VIP member, how well do you know about our member privilege - and are you making the most out of it?

Perks of Being a HYSSES VIP

1. Free membership with a minimum spend of $300

To first be a member, you would need to sign up for our membership. While there is no membership fee payable for signing up, there is, however, a minimum spend to be eligible for the membership. All you need to do is to shop with us and spend a minimum of $300 within a month to qualify for a free membership.

2. 10% off all regular priced items

As a VIP member, you will never have to pay for anything at regular price again because you get a 10% discount off EVERYTHING! From essential oils, refills body products and diffusers. You get a 10% discount, rain or shine, all year round.

3. One-time 20% off on your birthday month

What's a birthday without a gift from HYSSES? To celebrate your birthday, you get a one-time 20% birthday month discount from HYSSES, to be utilized at any boutique during your birth month. Some of our customers use this long-awaited discount just to stock up on their aromatherapy purchases. This is also the best time for you to upsize your purchases because you get greater savings and more product.

4. Earn 1% rebate for every purchase

If having a 10% discount is not enough, here's a perk that not many VIP members are aware of. Every purchase (except birthday month purchases) earns 1% rebate in HYSSES $. You can accumulate your HYSSES $ through your purchases and use it to offset your next bill. We've got VIPs cutting dollars off their bills, and that is on top of their 10% discount. Sweet!

5. Exclusive members-only sale

Occasionally, HYSSES will have promotions on some of your favourite products, and these promotional offers are sometimes higher than your regular 10% discounts. Take this chance to grab it before the promotion ends because you might never know when the next promotion will appear again. For non-VIPs, the discount tier may be a little lower than VIPs, so as a VIP, you still get a better deal during sale periods like the Great Singapore Sale or Christmas.

6. Free products sampling

To ensure that our new products match our customer's expectations, HYSSES conducts tests and sampling on all types of customers, expats included. We will consider all of our customers' feedback and opinions to improve and develop our products. Although the opportunity to participate in a sampling campaign does not happen often, when it does, you know you'll be the first to try out our developing products even before it reaches the shelves.

7. Workshop and event invites

When registering for the membership, VIP members can choose to opt in for EDMs or promotional emails from HYSSES. With the option to receive promotional emails, you are also opening yourself to exclusive event invites that non-VIPs do not have access to. This includes product launches and focus groups which we have held in the past.

8. Cardless, shareable membership

In this millennia, physical membership cards are less popular as many are moving to e-wallets and wireless technology. The HYSSES membership has been cardless since it was formed and will continue this way in the future. Just mention your mobile number and we will be able to track your membership data through our POS system. Also, what's so great about going cardless is that your membership can be shareable with friends and family members - get them to quote your mobile number and they'll be able to receive a 10% off their purchases.

9. Lifetime membership

Renewal fees - that's one thing we hate about memberships, do we? Fret not, HYSSES does not have renewal fees and such. Once you have registered with us as a member, it means that you are a member with us, for a lifetime. It doesn't matter if you haven't purchased from us in years, there will be no deletion of membership data, unless requested from the member himself, but otherwise, feel free to come back to us anytime. HYSSES will gladly welcome all VIP members with open arms.

10. Can be used at our physical boutiques or online

We get that sometimes you are busy and you can't find the time to visit our boutiques, or you are residing overseas and you need to stock up on your favourite oils. Not to worry, because you can still use your privileges at our online store. For your 10% discount to apply, you will need to enter the same email address you used when you had registered during your membership registration. Once the email address at checkout matches with your registration email address, you can get 10% off your cart with the coupon code "VIP10". We also provide free domestic shipping for orders above $100!