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Hair Care for Dry Scalp

Dry scalp can be the result of many different factors such as the change in weather and using unsuitable hair products that contain harsh ingredients. At Hysses, you do not have to go at great lengths to restore vitality in your scalp. Concocted with natural nourishing ingredients, our hair care products are soothing and calming.
Conditioner Jasmine
Hair Serum Jasmine (Argan +)
Shampoo Jasmine
Conditioner Lavender Hinoki
Hair Serum Lavender Hinoki
Shampoo Lavender Hinoki
Conditioner Rose Geranium
Hair Serum Rose Geranium (Argan +)
Shampoo Rose Geranium
Conditioner Verbena Rose
Hair Serum Verbena Rose
Shampoo Verbena Rose
Nourishing Scalp Tonic
Hair Mask Lavender Hinoki
Conditioner Verbena Rose 220ml
Shampoo Jasmine 500ml
Shampoo Verbena Rose 500ml