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Hair Care for Normal Hair

Give your hair a glowy, healthy shine with Hysses hair care products, free of parabens, silicon, SLS and synthetic chemicals. Formulated with only natural ingredients that is gentle on the hair and scalp.
Conditioner Bergamot Geranium
Hair Serum Bergamot Geranium
Shampoo Bergamot Geranium
Shampoo Eucalyptus Rosemary
Conditioner Ginger Lemongrass
Shampoo Ginger Lemongrass
Conditioner Ginger Peppermint
Shampoo Ginger Peppermint
Conditioner Jasmine
Hair Serum Jasmine (Argan +)
Shampoo Jasmine
Conditioner Lavender Chamomile
Hair Serum Lavender Chamomile
Shampoo Lavender Chamomile
Conditioner Lavender Hinoki
Hair Serum Lavender Hinoki
Shampoo Lavender Hinoki
Conditioner Lemongrass
Shampoo Lemongrass
Conditioner Rose Geranium
Hair Serum Rose Geranium (Argan +)
Shampoo Rose Geranium
Conditioner Verbena Rose
Hair Serum Verbena Rose