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Personal Care for Combination Skin

This skin type features two or more different types of skin on the face and body and it requires good hydration and water-based products with a proper skincare regime to keep the skin happy. Regular exfoliation is also recommended to help rid of excess oil and flakiness.
Body Lotion Lavender Chamomile
Body Mist Lavender Chamomile
Body Oil Lavender Chamomile
Body Wash Lavender Chamomile
Hand Cream Lavender Chamomile
Massage Oil Lavender Chamomile
Mini Massage Oil Lavender Chamomile
Body Lotion Neroli Lemongrass
Sold Out
Body Oil Neroli Lemongrass
Body Wash Neroli Lemongrass
Hand Cream Neroli Lemongrass
Sold Out
Hand Wash Neroli Lemongrass
Sold Out
Massage Oil Neroli Lemongrass
Sold Out
Body Contour Cream Ginger Clove
Sugar Scrub Lavender Chamomile
Sugar Scrub Rose Geranium
Body Contour Massage Oil Ginger Clove
Body Souffle Compromised Skin Rose Sandalwood, 100ml