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Sustainability - Go Green, Reduce Carbon Footprint
Cosmetics Formulation

Ethical Formulations

HYSSES values the natural sources of ingredients from mother earth as inspiration to drive product innovation. From botanical extracts to clays, we are dedicated to
develop long-term relationships with all our farms, distilleries and artisans to deliver the best quality and genuine raw materials, by-passing all traders. 

All the ingredients are thoroughly reviewed by our Research & Development team before use. The research team not only focus on safety and efficacy of the products but also ensuring 100% compliance to the registration and registration requirement for international market needs except for Animal Testing policy. We are against Animal Testing. Ecocert or Cosmo Certification are the some of the recognition requirements for our raw material supply chain.

Good Manufacturing Practice

The Singapore manufacturing facilities and processes are governed by the GMP standards issued by Singapore Health Science Authority

GMP Standards

Taking Pride in Formulations

All our formulations are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny and PETA Programme. We do not test our products on animals except on ourselves.

We took pride in our formulations and volunteer in testing out our formulations on ourselves in addition to the safety and efficacy checks. All manufacturing batches are dispatch to third party laboratory for ensure 100% microbial free and product safety before putting them on the shelves. 

Aromatherapy blending

Reducing Carbon Footprint

To recycle and reuse was always part of our consideration towards our role in a greener economy. From sourcing and using recycled PET bottles to decarbonize our value chain and protect the nature, we hope to measure our carbon footprint and reduce it by 10% yearly.

Starting from our 1st Heritage outlet in Haji Lane (Singapore), a refill centre is setup and pilot to allow customer to filled formulation from dispensary machines. Customer can then reuse their current packaging bottles which hopefully will lessen their carbon footprint over time.

Since 2015, we have changed all our plastic bags to recyclable bags and in 2020, we have further enhanced the campaign to encourage customers to bring their own bags. We have since fine-tuned the design of our recyclable bags to foldable types to encourage reusability.

We are also part of The National Environment Agency (NEA Singapore) “Say Yes to Waste Less” Campaign. This is part of the Singapore Green Plan 2030 to achieve a 20% reduction in waste-to-landfill per capital per day by 2026. 

Refill Station. Say Yes to Waste Less

Social Responsibility

At HYSSES, we take pride to recruit and train any potential employees back to employment. We offer fair job opportunities to any candidates with the right work attitude (can-do attitude) regardless of gender and ages. We also welcome candidates who are willing to join back workforce including physical disabilities, ex-offenders, matured workers.  Empowering
Lives @ HYSSES.  

Social Responsibility