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Personal Care for Sensitive Skin

Trouble over finding suitable personal care for sensitive skin? Try these series of gentle formulation, free from harmful ingredients like silicone, paraben and synthetic fragrance. Great for sensitive and eczema prone skin. We hope to restore your skin health back to a baby's.

Anti Mosquito Soothing Lotion Mist
Body Lotion Jasmine
Body Lotion Lavender Chamomile
Body Lotion Neroli Lemongrass
Sold Out
Body Mist Lavender Chamomile
Body Oil Jasmine
Body Oil Lavender Chamomile
Body Oil Neroli Lemongrass
Body Souffle Compromised Skin Rose Sandalwood, 100ml
Body Wash Jasmine
Body Wash Lavender Chamomile
Hand Cream Jasmine
Hand Cream Lavender Chamomile
Hand Cream Neroli Lemongrass
Sold Out
Hand Wash Jasmine
Hand Wash Neroli Lemongrass
Sold Out
Massage Oil Jasmine
Massage Oil Lavender Chamomile
Mini Massage Oil Lavender Chamomile
Sugar Scrub Lavender Chamomile