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Body Care for Dry Skin

Long hours in air conditioned environment can cause skin to lose moisture overtime. Diligent hydration is crucial. With Hysses range of deep moisturising products, it is aimed at replenishing and retaining moisture and giving your skin a super boost.
Massage Oil Jasmine
Salt Scrub Ginger Peppermint
Body Contour Massage Oil Ginger Clove
Body Lotion Lavender Hinoki
Massage Oil Lavender Hinoki
Body Oil Lavender Hinoki
Hand Cream Jasmine
Body Wash Lavender Hinoki
Body Wash Jasmine
Shower Scrub Lavender Hinoki 220ML
Hand Wash Jasmine
Hand Cream Rose Geranium
Body Lotion Jasmine
Body Mist Rose Geranium
Hand Cream Lavender Hinoki
Body Wash Rose Geranium
Body Oil Rose Geranium
Body Lotion Rose Geranium 220ML
Anti Mosquito Soothing Lotion Mist
Salt Scrub Bergamot Geranium
Body Oil Jasmine
Travel Gift Set (Body Wash & Massage Oil)
Travel Gift Set (Body Wash & Lotion)
Body Souffle Compromised Skin Rose Sandalwood, 100ml