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Enjoy the essence of nature with the distinctive decorative style of these clay diffusers that add life and colours to your aromatherapy experience. Perfect for gifts or home use to create a therapeutic atmosphere in the freedom of your private sanctuary.

Bloomster Pot Clay Diffuser Daisy
Bloomster Pot Clay Diffuser Mayapple
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Bloomster Pot Clay Diffuser Peony
Anemone Flower Scenting Clay Diffuser (Tall Bouquet)
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Cutie Scenting Clay Diffuser Bear, Lemon Geranium 60ml
Cutie Scenting Clay Diffuser Cactus, Lemongrass 60ml
Elegance Gold Clay Diffuser Set of 2, Bergamot Geranium & Lemongrass
Fortune Cat Clay Diffuser
Cutie Scenting Clay Diffuser Elephant, Rose Geranium 60ml