Nebulisers, ultrasonic mist diffusers and electric burners have one thing in common - they diffuse essential oils into the environment, using an electrical power source. What happens if your diffuser suddenly malfunctions? How do you know what is the cause of the fault and if you are able to remedy it before bringing it to the service centre?


Nebulisers use vibration to break down essential oils into microparticles which are then emitted into the environment as fine mist. One of the first signs of the malfunction is when there is no mist coming out of the machine. Usually, when this happens, it is easily assumed that the nebuliser is not working, but that is not the case for everyone.

There are 3 parts to a nebuliser - the glass chamber, the base and its adaptor. If there is no mist, check if there is any oil left inside the glass chamber. If there is still oil but the oil is not diffusing up the misting pipes, despite the presence of vibration, the cause could be a clogged chamber. The obstruction in the glass chamber may be due to old essential oil residue that was left uncleaned for long periods of time. To counter this, you can use a cleaning solution purchased at our stores to get rid of the oil clog. Simple!

In some cases, the glass chamber seems perfectly fine, yet there is no vibration in the base. Now, this is a tricky situation where you will need to bring your nebuliser and adapter to any of our boutiques to have an assessment. At the boutique, the nebuliser will be paired with another unit's base and adapter for testing. This assessment is crucial in finding out if the fault lies in the base or the adapter.

In cases where the fault lies in the adapter, you can purchase the adapter directly at the boutique, or have them swapped for free if your nebuliser is covered under warranty. However, if it is discovered that the base is faulty, then the retail team will have to send your nebuliser base to the service centre for servicing.

Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

Ultrasonic mist diffusers have a double function of working as a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser. Suitable to use in air-conditioned rooms or dry areas, ultrasonic mist diffusers uses ultrasonic frequencies to create vibrations in the water. The vibrations then produce negative ions and vaporise essential oils into microdroplets that stay suspended in the air for a long time.

Like nebulisers, ultrasonic mist diffusers produce mist that gets diffused into the environment. When there is no mist coming out, you should conduct a few tests before bringing it to the boutique for an assessment.

1. Check the glass cover to see if there are any broken parts

Glass parts are delicate and since there will be plenty of movement such as removing the glass cover, placing back the glass cover, etc.. when you operate the ultrasonic mist diffuser, there is a high chance that the glass cover may suffer some unforeseen mishaps. Sometimes, you don't even know when it cracks until you check it. Cracks or broken parts in the glass cover can deviate the direction of the mist from coming out of the opening. When this happens, you'll need to purchase a new glass cover. And if case you're wondering, glass parts are not covered under warranty.

2. Check the water level inside the glass bowl

Pouring too much can cause the mist to collect inside the glass cover. Should this happen, remove the glass cover, allow the mist to dissipate and pour away some water to an acceptable level then test the machine again. This is not a malfunction, so there is no need to send your ultrasonic mist diffuser for servicing. Always be sure to pour water below the red indicator.

The ultrasonic mist diffuser also stops diffusing when there is insufficient water in the glass bowl and/or after 2 hours of continuous operation. This is a safety feature that is set within the motor. All you have to do is refill the glass bowl with water and turn the diffuser on again.

Electric burner

Burners do not come with warranty, but our retail team are trained to check for any defects before selling to our customers. During purchase, it is also HYSSES' standard procedure to check the burner and test with a new light bulb in front of the customer to ensure that everything is working and acceptable condition. As all burners are handmade, there might be some slight differences in the material, but that does not compromise the quality of the product.

Electric burners purchased in stores will be provided with a lightbulb free of charge. Should the lightbulb blows, you can easily purchase a lightbulb in any of our stores or any hardware stores. Be sure to use an appropriate wattage for the burner.

Where is HYSSES Service Centre?

HYSSES do not accept machines directly at the service centre, should you need assistance on assessing a fault in your machine, you can head to any of our boutiques and our retail team will help you to assess the fault. If the machine requires servicing, they will help you to send it to the repair centre, otherwise, you can just purchase the cleaning solution or spare parts (glass chamber or adapter) in-store and you're good to go!

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